In the spring of 2018, I interned at NUSHU, a virtual reality storytelling company with a mission to share international news topics with children in a fun and interactive way. While working at this start-up in Barcelona, Spain I developed a social media strategy to streamline their content and advertise their product.


Within a month, I was creating a multiplatform mission about air pollution which will have its big debut in their next book. Moreover, in my time at NUSHU we collaborated as a team. I learned from engineers, illustrators, journalists, and marketing experts who were my mentors and later my lifelong friends.


This photo gallery displays social media posts and concurrently describes the work that I did at NUSHU. 


In the Spring of 2017, I served as the multimedia intern for one of the most senior representatives at the Missouri State Capitol. Before arriving in January, I prepared a pitch to revamp his virtually nonexistent social media accounts and expand his correspondence with press agencies and constituents in his district.


I implemented weekly video updates that received upwards of 1,200 viewsMoreover, I connected with press agencies, set up interviews, sat in on interviews with the representative and former Governor Greitens, wrote press releases that were put directly in the district's newspapers, and saw the political process first hand.


Two weeks into my internship, I was promoted to work on the media outreach for both my current representative and a new representative that he was mentoring.


In the final days, I was given a detailed State House Resolution for my work. When I left, I built a blueprint to assist the staff in following my multimedia guidelines which they carried into the next session. 

Missouri State House

Che Sguardo

In the summer of 2017, I welcomed into

Che Sguardo's team in Chicago, Illinois where I built upon their social media presence.


As a sophomore in college, this was a really neat opportunity to pair photo with short-form storytelling skills that aimed to express the values and products of this small business.